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ByzPi Install Instructions

First, make sure that you have a fresh Raspbian image installed on your SD card. When setting up the image don't forget to expand the partition and select the correct keymap for your keyboard. By default it uses a UK keymap which makes things difficult if you have a US keyboard.


Easy way:

Use the install script by running:

wget && bash

Manual instructions:

Add our repo

deb wheezy main contrib



Install our signing key


sudo apt-key add public.key

Install git and puppet

sudo apt-get install git puppet

This may take about 15 minutes depending on your Internet speed.

Checkout our repository

git clone git://

Install the 'byzpi' puppet module

sudo ln -sf "$(pwd)/ByzPi/puppet-etc/modules/byzpi/" /etc/puppet/modules/byzpi

Apply the puppet config

sudo puppet apply -e 'include byzpi'

This may take about half an hour depending on your Internet speed.

Reboot your Pi

sudo reboot